GCS Reports

2014 1/4 Cent Sales Tax Increase

GCS and Proud, released October 2015

Schoolhouse Partners Analytic reports commissioned by Say Yes to Education:
GCS Response to Schoolhouse Partners reports
Pathway Analysis GCS, presented to GCS Board of Education 9-27-15
Value Chain Analysis GCS, presented to GCS Board of Education 9-28-15

2013 – 2014 School Report Cards for Guilford County

GCS Annual Report

2015 GCS, Yes! released January 2016
2014 The Power of the Dream, released January 2015
2013 We Rise, released January 2014
2012 Reach Higher, released January 2013

School Calendars for Guilford County Schools 2015- 2016
10-day extended year (Allen Middle, Fairview, Hampton, Oak Hill, Parkview and Wiley)
20-day extended year (Allen Jay Middle, Brooks Global, Johnson Street and Washington)

Strategic Plan (full version) released January 2013
Strategic Plan (short version) released February 2014

Title One Designations for 2015 – 2016

Volunteer registration for GCS