MBA 2013 – E. S. “Jim” Melvin

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E.S. “Jim” Melvin with students at Gillespie Elementary School

Jim Melvin grew up right here in Guilford County. He attended Gillespie Elementary School on MLK Drive. The picture you see is from a recent visit Jim made back to Gillespie to meet the principal and spend some time with the students. Jim says playing street ball with the kids in his neighborhood prepared him for his high school football days. He graduated from Greensboro Senior High School – known now as Grimsley High School.

MBA award - Morgan Arbuckle Melvin

GEA Founding Board Chair Jim Morgan, E.S. “Jim” Melvin, Margaret Bourdeaux Arbuckle

Over the years and still today in his role as President of the Joseph Bryan Foundation, Jim has worked tirelessly to ensure that our schools have what they need to excel. His extensive community involvement has made a tremendous impact on our area in many different ways, but maybe none as significant as his work to help provide what our schools need to make world-class learners. Many of you may even be unaware of how much he has done in recent years on this front – unless of course you’re one of the business leaders who has gotten one of his phone calls about paying for a summer reading program or the new STEM High School or a lawmaker on the other end of the line hearing exactly what he thinks about a legislative or policy issue. I know it is his goal that all of our students grow up to be successful and give back as much as he has to the community.