Rookie & Mentor Teacher of the Year

Rookie Teacher of the Year

Caroline Inman, 2017 Teacher of the Year

Each year, GEA partners with the Guilford County Schools Induction & Success office to find the best new teachers and the amazing mentors who support them.

We are thrilled to partner with High Point Bank, the Weaver Foundation and the Rosalyn Tanner Orr Fund to provide awards for each of our finalists. Lenovo very graciously also provides a gift for our winners. We recognize five finalists for the Rookie Teacher of the Year award and five finalists for the Mentor Teacher of the Year award.

The 2017 Rookie Teacher and Mentor of the Year were recognized at the GCS Celebration of Excellence, held in the fall of 2017 at Grimsley High School.

Caroline Inman, from Claxton Elementary,  was named the 2017 Rookie Teacher of the Year. The other finalists were:

  • Elizabeth Church, Sternberger Elementary
  • T-awannda Piper, Dudley High
  • Meghan Rice, Montlieu Elementary
  • Tara Tran, Eastern High

The Rosalyn Tanner Orr 2017 Mentor of the Year award went to Lauren Bui of Morehead Elementary. The other finalist was Carol Gilmore, High Point Central High.


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