People in our community are working to tackle complex challenges and support GCS students and schools in a variety of ways.

GEA can help link school needs with the resources in our community. Examples of past projects include:

The media center at Peck Elementary: In the summer of 2018, local business leader, GCS parent and philanthropist Franco Nannucci was interested in helping a GCS school in need. GEA linked him with Peck Elementary. Peck wanted to update their media center. The average book on their shelves was 20 years old. Nannucci donated funds for new books and donated fabric to help recover media center furniture. Beth King, a local business leader and fellow GCS parent, donated funds for new laptops. Various community volunteers jumped into help sort damaged and outdated books and restock shelves with new materials. A few months later, Peck students started the new school year with a much more engaging media center.

When we work together, we can accomplish amazing things! Interested in exploring how you can make an impact on education in Guilford County? Call us at 336-841-4332 or email us today!