Guilford Education Alliance Education Summit 2019
Guilford Education Alliance Education Summit 2019

A vibrant public school system is a vital part of a prosperous community. Guilford County Schools (GCS) attracts jobs and families to our area. In partnership with Guilford County’s seven colleges and universities, GCS is essential in providing employers with the talented workforce that they need.

With a $1B annual budget, more than 70,000 students, 126 schools and a little under 10,000 employees, GCS is also a major economic and cultural force in our community—and its graduates will shape our community for years to come.


In short, education is everyone’s business.


GEA is relentlessly optimistic about the future of Guilford County. Our community is on the cusp of some incredible opportunities, and we want to ensure that our public schools help us seize those opportunities. That is where GEA’s advocacy work comes in to play.

What We Do

GEA advocates to and on behalf of the community for strong investment in GCS. We are committed to maximizing support for GCS and creating public schools where all children experience great learning and are prepared for a prosperous future.

Advocacy Priorities

Current strategic advocacy priorities are:

  • State and local bonds to address critical capital and infrastructure issues now and in the future
  • Targeted investments in career and technical education to implement new, integrated career pathways and expand hands-on career exploration in middle school
  • Robust state and county investments in GCS operations to achieve six strategic goals outlined by the GCS strategic plan
  • Regulatory reform and flexibility to modernize for the 21st century with funding and strategies

How We Advocate

We are working to build a broad base of support across the community, develop relationships with elected officials at the local and state level and engage others with influence in our community to equip them with the information that they need to weigh in on important policy discussion.

How You Can Help

  1. Attend Board of Education meetings. See a schedule here.
  2. Subscribe to GEA’s enewsletter here. GEA curates local, state and national educational news in an easy-to-read format to keep you informed.
  3. Host Let’s Talk Education session at your workplace, house of faith, club or other location. Learn more about GCS and GEA and get to know one of the GCS leaders who are shaping the future of our community. We can tailor the program for you and your group.  A well-informed community can successfully advocate for all of its students.
  4. Write a letter to the editor in support of our public schools. Make sure elected officials and policy makers know that education is important to Guilford County.
  5. Call, email or write your school board, County Commissioners or state representative when education issues come up for vote. Voices shape policy. Make sure Guilford County’s voice is clearly heard and the message is clear: Public education is important in Guilford County.
Photos courtesy of Ivan Saul Cutler.