Young Professional Educators Academy

Twenty percent of all new teachers leave the profession within three years. The reasons are complex but lack of support is a key factor.

In 2017,  GEA partnered with synerG to develop the Young Professional Educators Academy , a development program for GCS educators designed to offer connection to community leaders, classroom support and leadership experience.

To give young professionals a sense of Greensboro’s unique offerings, the four meetings that make up the academy are held at various locations, including HQ Greensboro and Elsewhere.  Local speakers explore cutting-edge topics and offer time for networking.

Community Champions are also paired with participating educators. Community champions are volunteers who agree to check in with their educator partner at least monthly during the course of the academy to offer support as needed.  Support may take the form of volunteering in the classroom, donating supplies or connecting their educator with community resources.

The Winter 2018 Academy session topics were:

  • Welcome Reception – January 11, 2018  HQ Greensboro
  • Makers & STEM – January 25, 2018 The Forge Makerspace
    • Learn about STEM with an emphasis on design thinking for all ages and areas of instruction
    • Learn how incorporating design thinking into your curriculum encourages student collaboration, ownership, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Industry & Education in Greensboro – February 8, 2018 Charles Aris
    • Hear from industry leaders in aviation, textiles and manufacturing about skills needed for 21st century jobs and how the education children are receiving today will grow into practical jobs
    • Learn about the Guilford Apprenticeship Program (GAP) and technical education programs
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Art – February 22, 2018  Elsewhere Museum
    • Consider and challenge your own worldviews and how they impact efforts to create safe and equitable classrooms and schools
  • Resources & Support – March 8, 2018  Teacher Supply Warehouse
    • Learn about the myriad of resources available for educators in Guilford County and how to take advantage of them, including grant resources and grant writing best practice.