Going back to school is different this year.

2020-2012 is full of uncertainties, but we know there will be school – whether it’s online or in-person. And we know more than ever before that GCS students and teachers need our support.

Education can be complex – especially in a pandemic. But we have some easy – and impactful – ways for you to help:

  1. GEA’s Virtual Supply Drive – click here to make a donation and help us keep the shelves of the Warehouse stocked!
  2. GEA’s Amazon Wishlist -click here to make a purchase and it will be shipped directly to the Warehouse. These are items that our teachers say are must-haves whether school is online or in-person.
  3. Supply Drives – Host a supply drive at your house of faith, business or club. We can give you all that you need to get started! Contact Louise Courts to learn more.

NEW - COVID19 Donation Drop-off Guidelines

Starting 6/24/20 – The Teacher Supply Warehouse will begin accepting donations of new and gently-used items by appointment only.  Appointments can be made by calling our Warehouse manager at (336) 793-2133 or by emailing TSW@GEANC.org


Donors MUST wear a mask when dropping off donations. If you do not have a mask, GEA can provide one. Drop-off location for all donations (small or large) is GEA’s loading dock directly in back of our office at 311 Pomona Drive, Suite E. There is a sign on the back door.

Thank you for helping us stay safe while also ensuring that GCS teachers and students have the tools they need to thrive!

Our Most-Needed Supplies

GCS Teachers – The Teacher Supply Warehouse is actively working on plans to support you and your students as plans unfold for the 2020-2021 school year. We look forward to announcing those plans in July. 

Guilford Education Alliance Teacher Supply Warehouse
Guilford Education Alliance Teacher Supply Warehouse

How It Works

The average teacher spends $650 of their own money on classroom supplies each year. Started as a collaboration between GCS, GEA and numerous community partners, the Teacher Supply Warehouse is designed to help offset that cost by offering GCS educators new and gently used classroom supplies at no cost. GCS educators can shop at the Warehouse up to four times a year.

Want an easy way to make a big impact? This is it!

Donate new or gently used items to help us keep the shelves of the Warehouse stocked. If you don’t need it, donate it. We guarantee a teacher can use it!


  • GCS teachers shop for items at no cost up to four times in a school year.
  • Only one shopping visit is allowed in a given month.
  • At each visit, GCS teachers are given a budget of points to use on high-demand items like paper, notebooks and crayons. In addition, teachers may take what they need from the “free” area in the Warehouse, which is stocked with a wide variety of new and gently used items.
  • Due to space and resource limitations, the Warehouse does not serve charter schools, private schools, home schools or Guilford County residents who teach in other school districts.

Gently Used Teacher Favorites

Stickers, yarn, art supplies, paint, envelopes, labels, organizational bins and containers, baskets, buttons, seashells, staples, paper clips, sheet protectors, party supplies, holiday decor, small toys and games for their prize boxes. Teachers also love your company’s old logo items, such as mugs, sticky notes, pins, stationery, etc. If you aren’t sure, call us at (336) 841-4332!

Teacher Shopping Visits 2019-2020
Laptops Distributed to Students
Community Volunteer Hours 2019-2020
Some photos courtesy of Ivan Saul Cutler.