We at GEA often write with what we call our “organizational” voice. It is one crafted in tone and content by me – Winston McGregor, GEA’s Executive Director — and our Communications Director, Karen Hornfeck. It is informed by the vision, strategy and tone charted by our Board of Directors and the many voices engaged in our alliance. We have viewed this as a platform not to speak FOR our alliance, but rather to speak TO you. This profound cultural moment of protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement demands that we wrestle with entrenched inequities and structural racism and calls us to reflect on the voice we use to speak to you.

It compels us to lift up more individual voices in our alliance – voices that can and will guide and contribute to our learning and strategies to take action.

Members of our community have graciously agreed to share their varied experiences with us and those are below. Please take the time to read, listen and learn together with us.