Getting inside a school is one the best ways to learn more about public education in Guilford County. During this yearly event, GEA invites community members to spend the morning shadowing a GCS principal to experience how some of our community’s most dynamic leaders juggle a dizzying array of challenges.

Then, join us for a “lunch and learn” program with school principals, other community participants and GCS leaders.

Relationships between the community and our schools matter, and this popular event helps build key community-school connections.

How It Works

When you sign up, you may choose a school that you would like to learn more about or let us pair you up with one. Once you’ve been matched with a school, we will connect you with your host principal. On the day of the event, arrive at your assigned school ready to learn!

Afterwards, we will gather for lunch and discuss the challenges and opportunities that our schools face and how we can come together to ensure that our schools are vibrant learning environments for every child!

Participation fee is $35.00.

To See a List of Guilford County Schools...

Go to  Once there, there is a school icon at the top right of the page. Click on the icon and a list of all the schools in the district will pop up.

Guilford Education Alliance Principal for a Day 2018

Registration for 2019’s Principal for a Day event is now closed. If you have questions, please contact Tahjma VanBuren by email at or by calling 336.841.4332. 

Take a Look at Previous Principal for a Day Events!

Meet Some of Our Principal-Participants from the Community!

Some photos courtesy of Ivan Saul Cutler.